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Presentation of the Company SIPOR

We are an exclusively Czech company working on the market since its establishment in 1993. We are focused on deliveries of power semi-conductor electronics, especially of regulated drives and eventually of related technological control directed at all possible productive as well as nonproductive spheres. We offer complete so called turnkey operations including all processes as from the project up to putting the equipments in operation.

A wide assortment of products, which form a base of all our deliveries, comes from production of our most significant and old business partner, the company Siemens. Our offer primarily includes frequency converters, rectifiers, electric starters, continuous power supply units, smaller control systems as well as filtering apparatuses and compensatory equipments, transformers, AC and DS electric motors.

For some years, our company has been acting as a contract partner of the company Siemens as for service of converters of AC and DC drives and UPS sources on the home market. A repair center has been established in our company headquarter to repair converters. If necessary, our technicians move out to carry the repair at technological operation place directly.

The service staff training for equipments delivered is an integral part of customer service. The training is carried by our experienced lecturers in the company.